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May 20, 2019
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September is the National month of…

In September we look forward to the leaves changing, cooler weather, and the start of the apple orchard season. Did you know September is known for more then just these things? In the world of food September is the national month for biscuits, breakfast, California wine, chicken, honey, mushrooms, organic harvest, papaya, potato, rice, and whole grains!

There are so many ways you can celebrate these national days of food! Have you thought about doing a wine and food pairing dinner to feature those California wines? You could even highlight a new breakfast item on your menu every week! Just a thought, why not combine 2 of the national foods by creating a dish featuring honey roasted carrots?  If you need a new idea to feature a potato, why not try a potato fan? Make sure to tag and share your ideas with restaurant logic, we would love to see your restaurants in action!

Download the images below (right click and save as). Then upload some engaging offers to your social media!

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