Restaurant Logic is a Michigan-based company made up of a team that is passionate about helping restaurants increase sales using web marketing. Founded by Ken Seneff in 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of restaurants across the country create and maintain an effective web presence.

Restaurant Logic is the marketing & website platform built for busy restaurant operators.


Why do independent restaurants struggle to create & maintain an effective online presence?


One place to manage website, email marketing, social media, and online reputation with marketing content built right in.


Our leadership team comes from a diverse background in restaurant leadership,
marketing, technology, and operations.

Management Team

Ken Johnson,
Business Strategy
Ken Seneff, Founder & Business Growth
Brianna Hampton, Customer Success
Clay Phillipp, Technology
Lee Burnstein,

Board Of Directors

Ken Seneff
Mark Behm
Al Lecrone
Ric Walton
Ken Johnson

Innovate or Die.

We constantly challenge the way things are done & seek to find ways to create successes.

Our Success Is Our Customers’ Success.

We aren’t satisfied until each customer we serve is more profitable by doing business with us.

We Do What We Say We’re Going To Do.

Our word is everything - we have an ironclad resolve to deliver on our promises.

Service Is In Our DNA.

Hospitality is not just the industry we serve, it’s everything we do.



At Restaurant Logic, we don’t just create websites, software, and marketing content, we are on a mission to change the way independent restaurants market online.

Help Independent Restaurants Market Like A Chain

When an independent restaurant uses Restaurant Logic, their outward marketing and image puts them on par with the chains.

Make Marketing Easy (Dare We Say Fun?)

Who said marketing has to be a chore? Our platform removes the drudgery and confusion from internet marketing.

Drive Higher Guest Counts & Check Averages

Not just another internet marketing tool, a platform focused on putting black numbers on a restaurant’s P&L.

Make Restaurateurs Lives’ A Little Bit Easier

Running a restaurant is hard work. It takes a special person to become a restauranteur - everything we do is to help make their job easier.