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December 21, 2015
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The Leaves are Falling – An Updated Marketing Plan is Calling

The signs of Fall are
appearing all around us: Instagram feed filled with changing leaves (#nofilter
of course), Infinity Scarf Selfies, and don’t forget to jump on that
Pumpkin Spice grind. These cooling temperatures are making us all want to stop
what we’re doing, grab our chunkiest knit sweater and a selfie stick for a
photo shoot at the local pumpkin patch. The transition from Summer to Autumn is
officially here. 

So what does this have to do
with your marketing? Lots actually. 

It’s important that we make
some regular changes to our marketing plan – especially this time of year. With
back to school now in full play, many families are settling down for the year with
new routines. And even the younger crowd of college students is establishing
their new norms. 

Before we jump into this
pile of leaves, take a step back to see your big picture.  What are your goals
and priorities for your marketing plan? Be sure to take note of things you feel
like you and your staff have done well, in addition to things you feel could use

Our last few blogs from RL have focused on preparing in advance for your marketing, and making sure to have a plan for your long term marketing. All great things!

But today, we’re talking baby steps. Don’t get overwhelmed by
taking on too much too quickly. Small changes to your marketing strategies can
make a huge impact on your restaurant’s business. Just be sure that everything
you do take on will further your goals. 

Now, let’s get right to the good stuff. Here’s some quick updates you can make to your marketing, that will make a big difference. 

1. Check the Health of your Website.

  If your potential customers feel like browsing
your website is like walking through a corn maze, then you’re doing it wrong. This is a great opportunity to take inventory of your site.
Broken links? Outdated content? 

It may even be time to update some photos or slides. 

Don’t miss out on customers interested in your
restaurant because your website isn’t updated and doesn’t represent you well. 

2.  Get Social.

We like our social media
presence how we like our bonfires – hot. Take a look at your Facebook, Twitter,
and Instagram right now. If you were a potential customer, what would your
impression be? Is the information updated? Are the images vibrant and enticing?
Does the information posted represent your brand? If these things seem
overwhelming start small. Change your profile picture to a fresh and updated staff photo. Add some updated content regarding your fall menu. Share an enticing photo today of your new weekly specials. Make some refreshments to the little things, so when you get your regular marketing going, absolutely nothing will be outdated. 

3. Email Marketing

Like a flannel shirt in
October, great email marketing is an absolute necessity these days. If you’re seeing that your clientele isn’t reading, or even opening your emails it may be time to rethink your strategy. No matter how fancy your emails look, if they’re deprived of well-executed content, your subscribers will probably lose interest. Consider your subject line the gatekeeper of the email – your customers need to feel the email worthy of their time and this piece is key. Keep them concise, catchy, and clear. 

Well, I’m officially running
out of Fall puns, so I’m about ready to wrap up this blog post. As you read through this, I hope you were able to find at least one key idea, small as it may be, that you will be able to utilize in your own restaurant. If you’re able to dedicate even a small portion of your time or budget to one of these tactics, I guarantee you will begin to see a bountiful harvest of customers. (Ok, I lied. I guess I had one more in me.)

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