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December 22, 2017
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In our world filled with location check-ins, self-proclaimed “foodies”, and an endless amount of #nom hashtags floating on social media, it’s easy to make the assumption that people love sharing pictures of their food. As a restaurant owner, this is really great news for you. These snap-happy foodies are basically completely free advertisements for your restaurant. All you have to do is offer totally pic worthy food for your customers, and be ultra present on social media sites so they won’t have to think twice about tagging your restaurant in their photos.

Are You Utilizing Instagram?

You may already be active on Facebook or Twitter, but if you don’t have a live Instagram account, the time is now. Setting up an Instagram account for your restaurant not only allows you another free platform to share images from your perspective at the restaurant, but it also creates an interactive space for your customers to advertise for your restaurant at zero cost to you.

With 800 million (and counting) users on Instagram, this platform offers an audience for you whether you’re a local pizza shop attracting college students, or a breakfast and lunch joint for families. Customers are sharing mini sized billboards of their favorite meals at their favorites restaurants all over the internet, so it’s time to make sure you become a part of it!

Our friends at Fundera, created a helpful infographic that offers some foolproof ways to put your best face forward for your Instagram following. Check it out here!

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