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How To Claim Your Business Profile On the Top 4 Restaurant Review Sites

How to claim profile on online review sites

As a restaurant operating in the age of the internet, it seems customer feedback and reviews can come in from a multitude of sources. For many restaurant operators, the volume of websites, apps, and internet sources to keep track of can be overwhelming — where do you start? Here are the top 4 sites that consumers use to write reviews about restaurants and instructions on how to claim your profile on each site. Each of these sites can be set up to email you a notification anytime a review comes in:


1. Start by searching your business name at (this is our Yelp for Business Owners website). You should log in to your Yelp personal account first.

2. Click the business’ name from the search page listing the business.

3. Locate and click the “Work Here? Unlock This Business Page “link from the page.

4. Create your business account on Yelp

5. Then Follow all the steps on the page in claiming your business

6. You will be receiving a phone verification to verify that you are claiming your business; all you need is to verify and approve it.

7. NOTE: If you aren’t able to claim your business on Yelp using phone verification, you’ll receive a prompt to submit a report to their Support team, which will include information about your business and the time of the attempt that they can use to assist you.

Get notifications anytime a new review is written:

1. Login to your Yelp business account

2. Click ‘Account Settings’

3. Click ‘Manage Your Email Preferences’

4. Check the box next to ‘Send me an email when someone reviews my business’

5. Click ‘Save Settings’


1. Enter your business name and city, and then click “Search.” A drop-down menu will appear if your business is listed in the directory. (If your business is not listed, go to the new listing page and follow the prompts.)

2. Register your Listing. You can choose to register your business or continue the process without registering. Click “Register for this business,” which is the only way you can manage your listing. Registration is free.

3. Sign in using Facebook or Google. Alternatively, you can complete a registration form. If you are already a TripAdvisor member, sign in using your current credentials.

4. Complete the registration form. This step connects your TripAdvisor account to the business listing.

5. Verify your business. For security, TripAdvisor requires that you verify your identity using one of three ways: Facebook profile (recommended), credit card details, or documentation sent via email or fax.

Get notifications anytime a new review is written:

1. Login to your Tripadvisor business account

2. Click on Profile > Account Preferences

3. Ensure ‘TripAdvisor Review Report’ is checked


1. Visit

2. Search for your business name and where it is located

3. Click on the “claim listings” link and this will send a verification email or SMS to the email address of phone number you provided.

4. Approve verification

5. Start managing your Zomato Account


1. Visit, click ‘Start Now’ on the top right

2. Sign into google account

3. Search for your business. Click the listing if it already exists or click Add Business if not listed.

4. Verify your business. The verification process helps ensure that your business information is accurate and that only you, the business owner or manager, has access to it. You may see one or several types of verification depending on the type of business you manage:

a. Verify via postcard

b. Verify via pone

c. Verify Instantly

d. Bulk verification

5. Once you’ve verified, you may see a banner asking you to review your information and make any final changes. Click Done editing when you’re certain that everything is up to date. You won’t be able to update the business’s name until the verification process is complete.

Get notifications anytime a new review is written:

1. Login to your Google Business account

2. Click ‘Settings’ on the top right menu

3. Scroll to “Receive notifications” and check or uncheck the box next “Reviews” to turn review notifications on or off

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