There is no doubt that COVID-19 has definitely turned our world upside down and inside out in a very short amount of time. As a critical part of America’s daily life, restaurants, ice cream shops, convenience stores, and more have stepped up. They have quickly adapted to quickly changing rules and regulations, and did whatever they could to keep their customers fed and their staff taken care of….and we all thank you.
As counties, cities, and states start to allow you to re-open, we all know there will be changes. Both your staff and customers alike, will have to get used to a new way of doing things. From how to view a menu, how waiting for a table is managed, and keeping customers updated on your status via social media and email are now more important than ever.
We have added several features to the Restaurant Logic dashboard and well as built partnerships with some great companies to provide you with new tools to help you ease into this new way of operating.
QR Code generator for touchless menu’s. Built right into your dashboard is a way to produce a QR code and template that you can use to direct customers to view your menu. We also added a way to generate a short URL and a way to collect names and emails via the code. Click HERE for more info.
Want to sell gift cards on your site? We have partnered with a great company to help you do that. They offer both physical and online gift cards. Click HERE to learn more and get exclusive pricing.
ONLINE ORDERING is more important than ever. We have partnered with Snappy Eats to offer you an affordable online ordering solution. Click HERE to find out more.
One of the biggest changes that we will see when you reopen is how to handle guest waiting for tables. Our partners at have a great and affordable solution. Check them out HERE.
We know your website is your baby when it comes to how guests see you online. While your websites are all great, many guests in the restaurant will be using their mobile phones to view your website. While your site is mobile friendly, we have come up with a simple 1 page website builder that will be easier to manage in real time. Check it out HERE.