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October 23, 2017
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November 21, 2017
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Bring More Customers to Your Restaurant With Responsive Websites and Curated Promotions

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If you want more customers at your restaurant, you should know that responsive websites and curated promotions are the key to enticing new patrons to enjoy everything that is special about your eatery! Today, we’re going to share some practical information about both of these ultra-modern and effective forms of restaurant marketing. Our goal is to help you push your business forward.

What Are Customized Mobile Websites?

These days, consumers in the USA spend about thirty-four hours per week using mobile websites! They often make spending decisions based on the information that they gather while using apps. When you make a site that is customized for your restaurant, you’ll give prospective and returning customers easy access to so much useful information about your business. For example, you may let them know what’s new on the menu, keep them abreast of special promotions, such as contests or sale-priced entrees and give them the inside scoop on special events at your eatery.

There is software out there that will allow you to make an app of your own. These are usually fairly basic, we recommend using an expert to handle mobile websites development for you. Mobile website development from a good provider is often more affordable than restaurant owners realize and it’s an investment in the profitability and longevity of their restaurants.

A great mobile website development company will be able to deliver development that is custom and designed to work on a variety of operating systems, or your preferred operating system, such as iOS or Android.

How to Create Curated Promotions

Use your restaurant’s social media profiles in order to make a splash with customers. For example, you may create a curated promotion by posting a new dish to Instagram, asking followers to name the dish and then rewarding the person who comes up with the best name, by offering her or him a prize, such as a free meal.

When you create excitement at Instagram or another popular social media platform, you’ll build a buzz. People may share your curated promotion, which means that you’ll widen your audience. The cost of giving the winner a free meal will be so much less than what you’d need to spend on conventional advertising to win a new customer.

Curated content is cared for by someone who knows the target audience very well. You may curate your social media profiles. One approach to creating curated content is linking to third-party content which is relevant to your audience. For example, you may share an article about the history of the type of food that you serve at your restaurant. If you serve Italian fare from the North of Italy, find an authority article about the history of this form of cuisine. Then, share it on your social media accounts.

Let your fans and followers know that the cuisine you feature at your eatery has a rich and colorful history. Wrap up your insight into the curated content by sharing a special promotion that relates to the curated content. For example, offer a limited-time special offer, such as fifty percent off of a dish that is mentioned in the curated content.

When you share curated content and add a special promotion, you’ll achieve two goals. You’ll impress followers by offering them content which is related to your restaurant and you’ll also encourage them to enjoy your eatery, via the related special promotion.

The goal is interaction that sparks interest and builds a big buzz. Social media promotion is free. Mix your own content with curated content from third parties in order to create eclectic and interesting social media profiles.

Use Our Helpful Tips Today

We believe that offering a customized mobile website and doing curated promotions is the best way to draw in new clients and retain the loyalty of customers that you already have. So, why not try our tips today?

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